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Opinion essay



-         Put the ideas in a written composition (coherent and

                 Cohesive: use of connectors)


-         OPINION ESSAY -> 3 Paragraphs.

  1. Introduction: Write an opening paragraph introducing

                            the topic


  1. Main body: State your opinion and support it with

                         reasons, facts and examples: give others

                         people’s opinions.


3. Conclusion: restate your opinion




Are computer games bad for our children?


Video game sales, which are rising faster than ever, are now higher than book sales among children of 8 to 16 years age. Worried about the educations implications of this, many people think the government should do something to encourage young people to read more and play less.


 As I see it, computer games can teach children and adultsa lot about the world. I am against the idea that computer games are bad because they have not educational value. I strongly believe that people who say this kind of things do not know very much about what many computer games can offer.

Imaging that games offer no more than pure entertainment, some adults condemn them, without really knowing what they are talking about.The kinds of games these critics have in mind are the violent, shooting and killing types. However, if these people played Sims or Civilization, which are the kind of game where players have to think strategically and plan what they are going to do next, they would realise how much, they’ve got to teach everyone. Playing the games, they would also discover the amount of reading  and numbers are involved.


 In conclusion, I disagree with people who criticise all computer games but I am in favour of young people playing a healthy variety of games. Choosing to play games that teach you how to build towns ore theme parks is great fund, and educational too. 

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Useful connectors and phrases for compositions



First,                                           Secondly                               Finally

To Start with                                 Thirdly                                 Lastly                  


To begin with,

First of all,

In the first place


Furthermore,                                            Not only….but also

Apart from that,

In addition,



What is more,


For example                                                                For instance

Like                                                                            Such as


However                                                                    Nevertheless

Though                                                                      Although       

Despite/In spite of  + noun/gerund                             Whereas             

But                                                                            While                   

Even though                                                               On the one hand…on the other hand      


For this reason,                                                                Because of this,

Therefore,                                                                        As a result

Thus,                                                                               Consequently,

Expressing someone’s opinions

My opinion                                                                  Others’ opinion


In my opinion,                                                                                  Some people believe (that)

I (strongly) believe that                                                                     It is said (that)

As I see it,                                                                                        According to

To my mind                                                                                 

I am in favour                                                                                                                       I am against

I think 

From my point of view

I agree/disagree


To conclude,                                                          In conclusion,

In summary,                                                           To sum up,


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Writing correction code

Writing Correction Code. British Council 2007


Code                  Meaning                     Example


WW                   Wrong Word         I usually go to the library to buy books

WT                    Wrong Time          Yesterday, I play football

WF                     Wrong form           She play an instrument

WO                     Wrong order          Went Mary to the cinema   

Sp                       Spelling                  lenguage  

X                         Extra word             Sarah she is watching TV.

M                        Missing word         When I went to NY, --- saw the Empire State    

?                          Not clear         

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